What’s New in Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical marijuana patients in Ohio have enjoyed access to medical marijuana for nearly three years. The first flower and processed cannabis products were sold to dispensaries in early 2019. Since that time, a lot has changed with the selection of products available to patients. Beyond supplying the ever-changing array of flower and vaporization products to dispensaries, cultivators and processors in Ohio have developed lots of innovative ways for patients to medicate. 


When & Why Should Patients Consider Switching Cannabis Products?

When new to using cannabis in place of another medicine or therapy, it can sometimes be tricky to choose a product that’s right for your condition. Some patients report they had to try lots of different types of cannabis before they found something that was effective for treating their condition. Some patients have found that smoking or vaporizing their medicine is better for them, whereas other patients report they do better with tinctures or edibles. 

So once you find something that works well for you, cannabis-wise, then that’s the end of it, right? Well, not necessarily… 


Some experts believe that occasionally switching up your cannabis routine might help you get the most therapeutic effects from your cannabis medicine. There’s evidence that suggests that patients can build up a tolerance to cannabis over time, and that switching strains or form of administration can help reduce the possibility that your cannabis medicine won’t be as effective as it once was. If you’re starting to feel like your medical marijuana isn’t treating your condition as effectively as it once was, you might consider trying a different product or strain at the dispensary.


Newly Available Strains

Oftentimes, patients who use flower to treat their condition find that particular strains give them better relief than others. Current research indicates that a strain’s effects tend to correlate with its terpene profile. Scientists are finding that certain terpene profiles might better treat particular conditions than others. For instance, myrcene is known to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects whereas limonene has reported antidepressant and antifungal effects. 

One Ohio cultivator, The Botanist, with locations in Canton, Wickliffe, Cleveland, Columbus and Akron, has been offering vaporizers and processed products to dispensaries for awhile now, but they’ve just begun offering their flower products for Ohio patients as well. Their flower can be purchased in one of their five Botanist dispensaries or at other select dispensaries around the state. Here’s a preview of what you might find from the Botanist in your local dispensary soon:

Strawberry Lemonade #18

Flavor: Sweet lemon with hints of cream and gas

Lineage: Lemon Tree x Strawberries & Cream

Primary Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene


G33 x Zkittles Cake #08

Flavor: Notes of mild creamy gelato with hints of pepper

Lineage: Gelato #33 x Zkittles Cake

Primary Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene


Mob Boss #07

Flavor: Mellow notes of herbs and nutmeg

Lineage: Chemdog D x Tang Tang

Primary Terpenes: Myrcene


Garlic Sundae #88

Flavor: Mix of garlic with pockets of minty menthol aromas

Lineage: GMO Cookies x Sundae Driver

Primary Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene


Sophora #48

Flavor: Citrus and haze with notes of hops 

Lineage: Highwayman x (Northern Lights #5 Haze)

Primary Terpenes: Myrcene, Terpinolene


Akron’s Klutch Cannabis also released several new strains recently: Big Head, Budino, Ex-Wife, Heat Locker, Heat Spike, Lemon Slushee, Pineapple Cake, Star Pebbles, and Tiki Kiwi. Many of these were bred with Kltuch’s own genetics/phenotypes (Ice Cream Cake, MAC 1, Sherbhead, etc). 


New Processed Products
  • RSO: Patients fighting cancer or chronic severe pain might consider a product called Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). The benefit of RSO is that it delivers concentrated doses of therapeutic cannabis plant compounds along with potent THC. While usually made from heavy indica strains that are known for producing analgesic, anxiolytic, and sedating whole-body effects, several processors such as MÜV (Verano) and The Botanist have recently formulated strain-specific RSO products in Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa varieties. 
  • Products Containing CBN & CBG: Having digestive issues? CBN and CBG are two minor cannabinoids thought to play a role in gastrointestinal mucosal defense and inflammation. A product that contains these cannabinoids might be worth trying for your condition, so look for products such as these: Klutch Tincture: 5:1:1 (THC:CBD:CBN) formula, BeneLeaves Gummies:  15 mg CBG an 7.5 mg CBN
  • Ice Hash Edibles: Klutch has recently launched three new flavors of Kiva Terra bites, including Milk Chocolate-Covered Blueberries, Milk Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt Caramel Bites, and Dark Chocolate Covered-Espresso Beans. All Kiva chocolates are dosed with ice hash instead of with regular oil or distillate. The ice hash adds a unique flavor to the chocolate and also delivers a more full spectrum effect. 
  • That Fall Feeling: The Botanist just released fall-themed edibles, including Apple Cider gummies and Pumpkin Spice cocoa bites.


Finding What’s Right For You

Medicating with cannabis can be a frustrating process for some patients. By learning more about what products are available and which might be best for treating your condition, you can take some of the guesswork out of the process. If you’d like more guidance on using your medical marijuana, or if it’s time to renew your card, make an appointment with Duber Medical today. 



Author: Gabrielle Dion Visca

Gabrielle has been writing and editing professionally for the medical and wellness industries for more than 20 years. She’s held positions with The Journal of Pediatrics, Livestrong, The Cincinnati Enquirer, and Patient Pop. She currently writes articles about medical marijuana for Duber Medical, and is the founder of the Ohio cannabis journalism non-profit, MedicateOH.

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