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Our referral program is one way for us to say ‘thank you!’ to our patients who refer family and friends to us!

How It Works: Enter your information on our Referral Program page and you will receive an email from us with a promo code unique to you. Give this unique promo code out to family and friends for them to use for $15 off their appointment when they book with us! The first 5 people who book using your unique promo code will earn you $30 off your next appointment with us. We also allow referral program participants to accrue credits, so if you provide this code to 10 people who book appointments, you will have $60 off your next appointment, 15 booked referrals gets you $90 off, etc! When you’re ready to book your next appointment with us, simply email referrals@dubermedical.com with your name and unique promo code and we will check your credit balance, which can then be applied to your consultation fee. If you forget to do this ahead of time – no problem! We’ll simply apply it as a refund to the card on file once your appointment is booked. (Please note – Credits earned have no cash value)

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