Terminal Illness

Any Terminal Illness

Patients diagnosed with terminal illnesses suffer a broad range of physical and emotional symptoms. Families of patients with terminal illnesses have to quickly cope with the devastating news while preparing for the last days of their loved one’s life.


Conventional palliative medicine aims to make a patient feel as comfortable as possible in their last remaining days. Because many prescription drugs that treat terminally ill patients can cause enormously unpleasant side effects, natural therapies can help ease the pain that terminally ill patients and their families experience.

How can Medical Marijuana Help Patients with Terminal Illness?

For terminally ill patients, medical cannabis is recommended as a complementary treatment solution alongside prescription opiates or other drugs for symptom management. Cannabis can also be an effective alternate solution when terminal patients decide they no longer wish to take conventional medications. Research on medical cannabis for terminal illness has shown its effectiveness in treating specific symptoms often associated with end-of-life difficulties.


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