Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a viral disease that infects the liver. When an individual is infected with Hepatitis C inflammation in the liver can occur. The body’s natural response is to activate the immune system. This unfortunately leads to our own immune system attacking healthy liver cells causing further liver damage. Hep C for short, is spread from blood-to-blood contact, the sharing of drug needles, the sharing of toothbrushes, and sex. Mothers can also pass along the infection to their babies during childbirth. While symptoms are not always noticeable at first or ever, chronic Hep C can lead to depression, chronic fatigue, yellow discoloration to the skin (jaundice), fluid buildup in the abdomen, bruising easily, and dark colored urine.

How can Medical Marijuana Help Patients with Hepatitis C?

While medical marijuana cannot treat Hepatitis C, it can be used as an adjunct to other prescribed therapies to reduce the symptoms of the disease. Medical Marijuana’s ability to improve mood, reduce pain, and stimulate activity can provide you with symptom relief.


A correlation exists between the use of medical marijuana and hepatitis C symptoms. Research suggests medical marijuana has therapeutic benefits if you’re suffering from HCV. Additionally, the medicine’s side effects are typically mild and classified as “low risk,” with euphoric mood changes among the most frequent.


Scientific and anecdotal evidence tell us medical marijuana is a safe, effective medicine that helps patients with Hepatitis C endure the side effects of treatment. Marijuana can help to alleviate side effects such as aches and pains, decreased appetite and nausea.


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