Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

CTE is a brain condition that is degenerative.

You may have heard of CTE from discussions surrounding athletes and sports injuries related to repeated trauma or blows to the head often resulting in concussions. While football gets most of the headlines around CTE, many sports including soccer, wrestling, basketball and diving can lead to CTE. Patients suffering from CTE will often develop dementia, irritability, vision and attention issues.  Research would suggest that CTE can lead to a brain wasting disease called atrophy.  This impacts brain cells ability to communicate.  There is no cure for CTE.

How can Medical Marijuana Help Patients with CTE?

As with other qualifying conditions, patients with CTE can benefit from Medical Marijuana’s antioxidant effects.  The cannabinoids work as a neuroprotectant that can reduce swelling and inflammation. This can lead to some cognitive gains. Early research has shown promise in Medical Marijuana’s ability to reduce spasticity and tics in those suffering from CTE.


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