Self Esteem “Confidence in one’s own worth or abilities”

Self Esteem

Approximately 85% of the world's population are affected by low self esteem. (Dr. Joe Rubino)

Low Self Esteem and its effects

Almost every American has faced Self-esteem challenges in their life. You are not alone!

Research finds that most of the damage to our self-esteem is self inflicted and unwarranted. Studies show that self-esteem is unrelated to physical attractiveness and many other metrics, but rather how we perceive our own attractiveness. Most self-esteem issues stem from adolescent upbringing, with social media becoming a relatively recent culprit. 75% of American Women report having low self-esteem that affected their life at a young age. 60% of young adults report trying to change their physical appearance in the past 5 years due to low self-esteem. Causes can variety from stressful life events, to chronic pain and other medical ailments. Self-esteem can fluctuate day by day, and most products on the market don’t help with chronic low self-esteem . Long term low self-esteem can be treated and takes attention to daily practices. Schedule an appointment and talk to a provider now!

There are many misconceptions regarding low self esteem that include the assumption that individuals who suffer from this condition are more likely to be criminals, hurt others and be child abusers.  In Fact, those suffering from low self esteem are more likely to engage in behaviors where they hurt them selves and not others.  Self destructive behaviors are common.  In Children, this condition is linked to higher school drop out rates, poor academic achievement, suicide, and teenage pregnancy.  Home environments lacking a father figure are more likely to have children who develop low self esteem.  Research has shown that teenage girls and young women are perhaps the most effected by low self esteem.  Often times there is a connection to poor self image relating to weight and body shape.  In the most severe cases eating disorders are common. 

How do you know if you suffer from Low Self Esteem?

Self Assessment Time

While diagnosis by a licensed professional is needed, these are common symptoms associated with Low Self Esteem.

  • You people please
  • You’re easily angered or irritated
  • You feel your opinion isn’t important
  • You hate you
  • What you do is never good enough
  • You’re highly sensitive to others opinions
  • The world doesn’t feel safe
  • You doubt every decision
  • You regularly experience the emotions of sadness and worthlessness
  • You find it hard keeping relationships
  • You avoid taking risks or trying new things
  • You engage in addictive avoidance behaviors
  • You struggle with confidence
  • You find it difficult creating boundaries
  • You give more attention to your weaknesses
  • You are often unsure of who you are
  • You feel negative experiences are all consuming
  • You struggle to say no
  • You find it difficult asking for your needs to be met
  • You hold a pessimistic or negative outlook on life
  • You doubt your abilities or chances of success
  • You frequently experience negative emotions, such as fear, anxiety or depression
  • You compare yourself with others and often you come in second best