Dr. Kamal Morar

Dr. Kamal Morar, MD, MBA

Cleveland Clinic Fellowship Graduate 2005
Clinical Assistant Professor at Wright State University
Co-Founder, Duber Medical

As a practicing interventional pain physician since 2005 in the Dayton Ohio area, I have seen several hundred patients die secondary to opioid related complications. Meanwhile, I have seen several hundred patients taking street marijuana which resulted in adequate pain control as well as additional benefits such as anxiety reduction and help with sleep. None of these patients reported any complications. This experience and dichotomy has been the nidus for my asking, “If these patients were doing so well with marijuana products off of the street without even knowing what they were taking, how much more would we be able to do for them if they had access to products that they knew more about with the help of a physician guiding them.” This question now has led me down a journey of discovery, research and a strategy to what is really needed if we are to seriously consider medical marijuana for the treatment of patients looking to use it for medicinal use.