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Our doctors work with you to create a custom medical marijuana recommendation plan that aligns your individual needs to the most appropriate edible options.


Our doctors work with you to create a custom medical marijuana recommendation plan that aligns your individual needs to the most appropriate edible options.

Introduction to Edibles

Edibles are cannabis-infused, palate pleasing, health inducing, food, and drink products. They are crafted with cannabis flower or concentrates, to be chewed and swallowed, easily and enjoyably, in daily serving amounts, as a proactive method of insuring health, and pain-managed wellness.


Homemade or store purchased, edible CBD infusion treats have become the very latest snacking culinary trend. Purchased pre-made, edibles are available in chocolate and nut energy bars, granola, popcorn, mints, peanut butter, fruit flavored gummies, cold brew coffee, sparkling tonics, wine, soda, and even instant coconut water.  These snacks are blended with other healthy ingredients like honey, turmeric, cranberries, and more, for a huge boost of immune-building nutrients.

Homemade broths, and vegetables soups, cookie dough, cracker mixes, and soft wrap sandwiches, with CBD infused sauces, offer a great alternative to smoking or vaporizing, to control pain, relieve stress, avoid the ill effects of smoke and concentrates, and manage the ravaging and debilitating effects of numerous illnesses.

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Edibles – Dosages Tips to Success

Each consumer of edibles has a unique response to ingesting CBD edibles, and feeling the delayed and amplified bodily response. Determining an accurate dosage of an edible, and consuming it slowly, is the best procedure for beginners, as it takes time to get the amount correct. Your body weight and metabolism affect how THC and CBD are tolerated. In what form you take either of them also matters. 


The standard dosage for beginners, initially, is two to five milligrams. The onset of effect, and strength, should be noted, as well as, the length of efficacy.  Within two hours, consumption of cannabinoids will have had an effect which is palpable. 


It is best to refrain from taking additional edibles too soon. Over-indulgence can significantly impact well-being, temporarily.  Waiting 24 hours between doses is recommended for best results.  There is “no” correct or universal amount of dosage, per person.  Your tolerance level is uniquely your own, and the effects which are felt can last six to eight hours.

Consumed Edibles - Bodily Impact

As more people choose to be proactive about their health, and do the footwork to become enlightened about medicinal marijuana, and CBD; there is a growing need to know exactly what consumption, in foods and beverages, actually precipitates as bodily interaction occurs.  The digestion process is similar to having consumed many everyday foods, or medicines. Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, is absorbed through the bloodstream.  The absorption process is unpredictable and can easily be inhibited by having previously eating other foods. Hours pass before full absorption occurs.


THC is fat-soluble and is absorbed by the intestines, and the liver, then travels to the heart and finally the brain, without incident, unless overindulgence occurs.  The impact takes 30 minutes to 3 hours, or more, to take effect. Lozenges and gummies enter the body through mucus membranes and impact the body more quickly.  The high that is felt with the ingestion of THC is stronger and lasts far longer than smoking or vaping, often from 3 to 8 hours.  CBD edibles contain no THC and are known for their medicinal qualities such as reducing bodily inflammation, and pain levels, as well as, inducing feelings of relaxation and calm.

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Canna-Butter or Canna-Oil?

The standard process for producing marijuana infused edibles involves one of two methods: the use of canna-butter, or canna oil.

Canna-butter is crafted from the marijuana plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. They are extracted from the plant and infused into butter fats, (½ to 1ounce of decarboxylated marijuana, 4 cups of water, and 1 pound of unsalted butter, low heat and slowly cooked). The result is a slow digestion process which takes up to 90 minutes, and an extended efficacy of up to 4 -12 hours, depending on metabolism, body weight and the amount munched. Canna-butter munchie edibles include:


  • Muffins
  • Cakes
  • Brownies
  • Cookies
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Chocolates
  • Cereal
  • Banana bread
  • Pancakes

Canna-Oil. Another way to create a mouth watering, absolutely delicious and effective edible is via canna-oil.


This method uses ground cannabis flower added to any type of cooking oil. It is predominately used in the following:


  • Homemade sauces
  • Salad dressings
  • Many types of stove top frying veggies
  • Vinaigrettes
  • Eggplant Dips
  • Hummus
  • Pizzas
  • Other foods, at a low temperature, slowly.
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Feeling Inspired to DIY Edibles Your Way?

There can be a certain kind of satisfaction which comes from your own creative efforts in marijuana-infused culinary arts. A craving for edible ice cream, tea, bacon, or even coffee might inspire the initiative to cook with cannabis and become an aficionado.  It is not difficult to cook with cannabis.  The challenge lies in the realization that achieving a proper dosage is difficult. Doing the footwork (research) will unlock the methodology necessary to achieve the taste and consistency of excellent edibles, and consistent dosing, which is a crucial ingredient for the results you need.

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